Hulbert Consulting: DBA: Best Water In Utah History

HulbertCompany Degrees: Mechanical Engineering (Mark: 1979), Education: (Elaine: 2006), Business Management: (Annie: 2013)

  Water Treatment Consulting Since 1981: Industrial, Commercial, Municipal, Residential

  Utah Contractors License and Liability Insured

Started in Industrial water treatment in 1981 working with chemicals, boilers, cooling towers, drinking water, softeners, and much more. Became interested in Residential water treatment in 1982 when chemicals from the rice fields contaminated our local city water. Prepared some drinking systems to help protect our water. Asked several top water softening companies to come to our home. They all had several things in common:

  • None of the sales people knew what I did about their own systems
  • They all cost in the $4,000 range if we signed that night or $5,000 if we waited
  • High pressure sales tactics
  • Took well over an hour trying to sell

We had decided that we would never sign a contract on the first sales meeting – we wanted time to think about things. In 1993 we heard about a newer invention called the “Reionator,” which softened water and removed chemicals and was made for the beverage industry to make soft water you could drink. We flew to Utah (invented in Provo), met the inventor and toured areas where it had been installed, including homes and industrial applications. Everything claimed about the product checked out with my industrial training and books. We bought several systems and tried them out. They worked great and so we became consultants for the Reionator and other water products for homes and commercial applications. We owned dealerships in Washington State for a couple years, California for over 10 years, and now in Utah since 2004 where we have built one of the top Reionator dealerships in the country. We have built it based on low overhead so that we can keep the pricing WAY down for this top of the line product. We service all products. We sell most products for homes and small commercial in addition to the Reionator including: regular softeners, drinking systems, reverse osmosis systems, filters, specialty products, and we have added a “salt free” scale inhibitor that is doing a great job (most are failures).

We pride ourselves in providing customers the absolute best products at great pricing. We care about all of our customers and stand behind our products with excellent warranties and great service. We will only provide tried and true products for our customers.